Sylvia Rodríguez-Abudo, PhD

I'm an Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering Science and Materials at UPRM and investigator at the Center for Applied Ocean Sciences and Engineering. I am interested in the physical processes affecting and shaping the ocean environment. My work focuses on sediment transport; turbulent boundary layers; nonlinear flows and wave transformation across complex roughness scales; fluid-sediment-structure interactions; among others. My research is done through laboratory and field experiments, and in collaboration with numerical modelers. Using fundamental principles of fluid mechanics, advanced experimental and observational techniques, and sophisticated methods for the analyses of geophysical data, I aim to better understand the impacts of climate change, natural hazards, and anthropogenic action on ocean systems and infrastructure, with the goal of better informing sustainable coastal and ocean engineering practices. You can find my CV here.

Alexandra Padilla Vega

Alexandra is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student at UPRM. She is interested in underwater acoustics and have recently completed an internship at WHOI. She will be working on the Rincón Mixing Experiment to be carried out at the end of the Fall. Currently she is playing with some nearbed velocity data collected at Fort Foster, NH with the purpose of further understanding the hydrodynamics near rippled beds.